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We The People

We The People

1 – We The People




We The People : So often you have to leave home to understand home. The idea for this song came to us in Madrid – the people of the United States are currently living under a dark cloud of bad politics and corrupt politicians, one that denies our very being as people who have historically been a refuge for people fleeing bad politics and corrupt politicians elsewhere – this idea that it we are all in this together just jumped out of my mouth on the stage of the Café Central.

In America, we must come together to defeat this growing culture of lies. That’s what this song is about. It starts with a reading of the preamble to the Constitution of the United States to remind us that it is our country, not the country of a few oligarchs, and it concludes with the poem from the base of the Statue of Liberty, the great gift from the French people, reminding us of who we are. In between, I try to suggest that if we lose our humanity we have lost everything.

This song was recorded in Minneapolis, the home of so much great funky music, and it brought together the Sidran family and the Peterson family who have all been like one big family for many years and have traded music and life experiences around the world. When we make music together, we always have a good time, even though the subject of the music is often very serious.

As they say, “be careful what you worship, for what you worship you are becoming.”

1 – We The People

Ben Sidran: Wurlitzer and vocal
Leo Sidran: drums and vocal
Billy Peterson: bass
Paul Peterson: guitar and vocal
Ricky Peterson: organ and vocal
Moses Patrou: percussion and vocal

Recorded and mixed by John Fields
Additional recording by Leo Sidran & Paul Peterson
Mastered by Greg Reierson


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