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Olivier Ker Ourio est l’un des plus grands harmonicistes de la scène Jazz Européenne, au même titre que Jean-Jacques Milteau. Le Breton des Îles (La Réunion) garde son cap, creuse son sillon, et fait le choix de privilégier la complicité et la fidélité à des musiciens avec qui partager, dialoguer, échanger et s’amuser prend tout son sens.

1 Ségarissimo
2 Home
3 Siroko
4 Mouramour
5 Samouraï
6 One For Pétru
7 Perfect Match
8 Prayer
9 Tangaz Mon Lam
10 Pürnur’s Dance
11 L’arbre à Palabres
12 Valse Cassée





Olivier Ker Ourio, the Breton of Islands, keeps his course, digs his groove, and chose to focus on the complicity and loyalty to musicians to share, discuss and play makes sense .

After a first collaboration on the album MAGIC TREE (2010), hailed by critics (4 clésTélérama ) , OKO persists and signs recording again with the poet and magician of Hammond organ , Emmanuel BEX because between his oragn, OKO’s mouth, Matthew Chazarenc’s drums (more than 10 years of friendship and musical bond ) , and Nicolas MOUCAZAMBO’s percussions ( Danyel Waro album “Somminkèr ” with OKO in Reunion in 2002) , it’s the “PERFECT MATCH ” the ideal combination, the perfect harmony.

With his Hammond or with his voice, OKO is the absolute correspondence with Emmanuel Bex, poetry on edge, with the only quest in search of pure melody and the right note . Between Matthew and Nicolas Chazarenc MOUCAZAMBO, connivance and complicity full play and offer OKO the rhythmic swaying and battered as he likes from his childhood in Réunion.

These four acrobats juggle with an animal and fluid ease, have fun surprising with humor, sends the ball as in a game of doubles tennis where each character would be interchangeable at any time. OKO, in this sequel where the original directory was entirely composed on guitar, offers to himself the pleasure of recording for the first time all the guitars on the insistence of his companions. Finally, in honor of his Réunion which marked him for life, OKO gleefully recites a text in Creole,
especially written for the song “HOME” by the great reunionese poet and singer Carlo DE SACCO, from the band “Grèn sémé”.

Drums – Matthieu Chazarenc
Harmonica, Voice, Guitar – Olivier Ker Ourio
Organ, Voice – Emmanuel Bex
Percussion – Nicolas Moucazambo

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