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Leo Sidran : “Pop is a song about my father and his father, my grandfather who I never had a chance to meet. “Pop” was the name they called my grandfather at home; his real name was Louis. My name, Leo, was given to me in tribute to Lou (both start with “L”).

The lyrics describe the feeling in their house, which was not a very happy place, how my father spent his childhood eagerly awaiting the chance to move to a bigger city and begin a life as a musician and intellectual, how his father commuted on the train every day to Chicago, was transformed into a jovial and creative person, and then crawled back again into his dark, quiet existence of his house in a small town every night. And ultimately the song explains how when I was born, my grandfather’s name was transferred to me and transformed from loss to hope.

It is a song about continuity, about memory, about desire, about family. I think it’s the most personal song I have ever written, and I release it as a gift to my father on his 76th birthday.”



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